This podcast is brought to you by SICK! Digital as part of SICK! Festival 2019, recorded at our End of Life Symposium 28th September 2019.

In this day of conversation and discussion, we invited audiences to join clinical practitioners, academics, artists and those with profound personal experiences of end-of-life care, to explore the emotions and ethical dilemmas that they have to address when confronting death head-on.

Our third panel of the day was entitled ‘Elephants in the Room’. With the rise of Death Cafés and the Death Positive movement, along with a host of documentaries and theatre performances that confront the end of life head-on, are we really getting better at talking about death or is it still something we avoid?

This session was chaired by Tim Harrison, Creative Director at SICK! Festival, speaking to:

Debbie Jones: Funeral Celebrant

Lumnije Mustafa: Specialist Nurse, Organ Donation

David Harradine: Artistic Director, Fevered Sleep

Richard Gregory: Co-Artistic Director, Quarantine


Funded by Oglesby Charitable Trust.