The North Manchester Film Festival: Your Voice [Film Makers Call Out] 

The North Manchester Film Festival: Your Voice will take place at the Miners Community Arts and Music Centre on 3-4 May, as part of SICK! Festival 2024. We’re looking for local film makers to submit their work to showcase at the event.  

The North Manchester Film Festival: Your Voice  

The North Manchester Film Festival celebrates the vibrant spirit of storytelling and creativity in North Manchester. This exciting event brings together filmmakers, artists, and community members for a dynamic showcase of local talent and diverse perspectives. From captivating documentaries to imaginative fictional narratives, the festival offers a rich tapestry of cinematic experiences. This will take place at The Miners, an award-winning multi-arts venue hosting music, art + film events in North Manchester.  



We’re looking for ten film-makers with personal connections to the North of Manchester to submit their work. Films should respond to the theme ‘Your Voice: Speak Up, Share Your Story, Address Local Matters.’   

You’re encouraged to express yourself, narrate your experiences, or shed light on community issues. Whether in documentary or fictional form, the creative direction is entirely up to you, allowing your imagination to take the lead.  

Each film should be a maximum of 15 minutes in length.   

Fee: If your film is selected, you will receive £100  



Please submit your work to Adam Scott, Festival Assistant (Engagement) adam@sickfestival.com by Monday 25 March 2024.  

Please include:   

  • A brief cover letter including a description of your film (no longer than a side of A4).   
  • A link to your film    

Your cover letter can be in written, audio or film format. When submitting in audio or film, please ensure this is no longer than 5 minutes long. If you’d prefer to submit your work in another format, please get in touch.   

After the deadline, we will be in touch to discuss your submission.