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How does the space around you impact on the way you see things and the way you feel? 

Artists have been working with young people growing up in care in both The Netherlands and Manchester as well as with a small group of young creatives from Manchester to produce a ‘living zine’ where their experiences of their homes and bedrooms – spaces internal and external – during a global pandemic is offered as a record of these strange times and a means to connect with the experiences of others.

It asks how the space around you impacts on the way you see things and the way you feel. Can your response change that space and, therefore, those thoughts and feelings?

Amsterdam-based artists Elza Jo and Raul Balai create portraits of the young people taking part, giving further voice to those who want to speak rather than be spoken about.

Amsterdam-based theatre youth group, Theater DEGASTEN work with people aged 12-25 years to create raw and emotional performances based on the experiences of those taking part. Exploring topical issues through diverse young voices, DEGASTEN believe that art and culture can create connections between everyone, either as participants or audience members. They create work which reflects the diversity runnin g through the company’s veins.

MINDSCAPES Artists In Conversation: Theater DEGASTEN

Swiis Foster Care

ATD: Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam
Stichting De Vrolijkheid
Theater LeBelle
Stichting Nowhere
Buro Ervaringskracht 


Creative Leads:
Elike Roovers;  Madelon van Riel;  Rutger Esajas;  Sènami Awunou;  Chiara Titahena; Aike Jansen;  Steve Vickers

Creative Workshop Facilitators:
Cara Looij (Manchester);  Mimosa Ricketts (Manchester);  Rosa Gooij (Amsterdam); Dionne Gillis (Amsterdam);  Jazzy van Wersch (Amsterdam);  Emily van Zoonen (Amsterdam);  Jamie Huisman (Amsterdam);  Basak Layic (Amsterdam);  Quinsy Gario (Amsterdam)

Contributing Artists
Elza Jo
Raul Balai
Babah Tarawally