Hosted by the deadpan duo Hunt & Darton, Radio Local is exactly: local. It’s built with, by and for local people, telling their stories, sharing their news and playing their jingles. 

For the duration of a day in our new home of Hulme, broadcasting over the airwaves of All FM, we asked people to help us make radio. Shaping its identity, its sounds, words and music to reflect and celebrate its immediate community and culture whilst delving into discussions surrounding the festival’s ponderings on youth. We invited local legends to join us every hour, H&D attempted to become more local and there was loads of family fun from our local scavenger hunt, to our intergenerational assault course and our content generating word games.

Commissioned Artists: Highrise Theatre takes to the streets of Hulme to find its rhythm making connections and music with the young people they encountered, empowered by drill and grime.

Scottee sent co-director Matty May to Manchester’s gay village to speak about queerness, wellness and mental health but only via Grindr, Growlr and Scruff.

Amy Vreeke also guest presented, one of this years Catalyst Commission Artists for SICK! Festival with her show, The Year My Vagina Tried to Kill Me.

Come and be local with us!

4 people in white jumpsuits and 2 people in beige jumpsuits stand with their arms raised in the middle of an estate.