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Prepare to be surprised and delighted, moved and enlightened as Bobby Baker demonstrates how she achieves that ultimate ‘wellbeing’ factor. From working out to chilling out, via the kitchen sink, Bobby’s ‘wellness roadshow’ investigates how to get better at feeling better – cup of tea included.

Bobby Baker is one of the most popular and acclaimed performance artists working today. In a career which spans nearly four decades she has, amongst other things, danced with meringue ladies, made a life size edible version of her family and driven around the streets of London strapped to the back of a truck yelling at passers by to ‘Pull Yourselves Together’.

‘…what Baker is offering is not a show but a priceless gift wrapped in a theatrical box of tricks.’  Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

‘I would go without food for a week just to get a ticket for her next show’  Nigel Slater, The Observer

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Bobby Baker

A woman in a white dress and blue jeans appears to have 5 legs in a running motion