Drowning my hopes of romance
The fear of losing control whilst I dance
Hiding away from public eyes
An invitation to Secrecy and Lies

Kazuko and Company invite you to join them for an incontinental cabaret of stories, situations, song, science and a spot of ballroom dancing exploring everyday control and what it means to lose it.

Incontinental is the new show from the multiple award winning Kazuko Hohki created in collaboration with artists Colin Carmichael, Lewis Barfoot, Andy Cox and Max Hallett in partnership with Professor Alastair Forbes and the Gastroenterology team at University College Hospital London.

‘Delightfully batty and bizarrely charming…
a wonderfully eccentric piece of hokum.’ The Guardian (On Evidence for the Existence of Borrowers)

The performance was followed by a post-show discussion on the experiences and people suffering from incontinence and related conditions, with Kazuko Hohki and Prof. Alastair Forbes, Professor in Gastroenterology & Clinical Nutrition at UCL, chaired by Dr. Sue Eckstein, Lecturer in Clinical and Biomedical Ethics at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.

Wellcome Trust

Kazuko Hohki

A woman in black and grey holds a white plastic bag shaped as a person