(Work In Progress)

Location: YMCA – 7 Harpurhey Shopping Centre (Burgess House, Church Ln, Manchester M9 5UQ

Date: Weds 15th May – Sat 18th May

Time: 12 – 2pm/3 – 5pm

Duration: 11 minute drop in

Access Information

  • Ear defenders, ear plugs and fidget toys available. 
  • Wheelchair accessible 

The Sustainable Travel Agency

When was the last time you had a break? With a lot of pressure to ‘do the right thing’ these days, this pop-up travel shop, complete with red blazers, reassuring smiles and a friendly conversation, gives you the chance to book your own 11-minute audio holiday, that you can sit and enjoy on the shop floor.

Between national strikes, the cost-of-living crisis and climate change, there’s a lot going on. We are constantly reminded to think about our impact on the world around us and to be responsible, even when others aren’t, and that pressure can build within us.

So, you deserve a guilt-free break. Give yourself a moment, even if just for 11 minutes!

Artist bio:

Jenny Gaskell is an artist who makes performances and art you can take part in. Interested in connection, art that happens everyday and creating scenarios for people to take action, with work that involved hosting, listening, writing, and gathering people together. Offering intimate, tender, funny, conceptual, her work gives something extra to think about to everyday interactions.

Jenny has made projects in parks, at parties, toilets, trams and snooker halls and has been supported by Arts Council England, Manchester International Festival and People’s History Museum.

With a background in producing, community organising and non-religious church leading, Jenny is currently an honorary research fellow with the University of York working with the sociology department.


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