Mindgames: Online and IRL (In Real Life) by the Mindgames participants, facilitated by Eetu Rantanen and supported by m3 industries on the design

Location: Harpurhey Neighbourhood Project (Conran St, Harpurhey, Manchester M9 5PR)

Date: Saturday 11th May

Time: 11 – 4pm

Duration: 5hrs (incl. lunch)

Access Information

  • 11-12pm will be a more sensory friendly environment. This will include dimmed lights, reduced sounds on the machines and no tournaments.  
  • A chill out space will be available throughout the day in the Relaxation Room. 
  • Accessible parking out front. On street parking also available.  
  • The building is wheelchair accessible and there is a lift to access the upstairs.   
  • Ear defenders, ear plugs and fidget toys available. 


Image Credit: Mindgames Participants

Mindgames: Online and IRL (In Real Life)

MINDGAMES: Online and IRL (In Real Life) takes on mental health matters through gaming, exploring if games can make you feel better.

Through this day event we will launch ‘Never, Forever Always’, a game created through a creative global collaboration between young men from North Manchester, Finland and games developer Eetu Rantanen.

‘Never, Forever Always’ will launch on digital platform STEAM for any-time play, around our hosting an interactive dedicated games day ‘MINDGAMES: IRL (In Real Life)’, opening up a playground of games from across the decades for you to try out yourselves.

Developed from a prototype presented in 2022, ‘Never, Forever Always’ is part of MINDGAMES 2.0. With over 2 hours of game play, you follow Anthony, who is in his late teens, loves playing music, seeing friends and experiences anxiety and isolation. Through mini games, the player gains a greater understanding of his life and how his mental health impacts his experiences.

Mindgames Participants

Dan James            Michael Burton

Mikey Woolls        Zain Janwani

Sami Hakonen      Jarkko Rautava

Jani Halonen        Jason Heginbotham