(Work In Progress)

Location: The Simpson Memorial Hall (361 Moston Ln, Manchester M40 9NB)

Date: Thursday 23rd May

Time: 7:30 – 8:45pm

Duration: 1.25 hrs


Care of Louise Orwin & co


Famehungry is a nose-dive into the helter-skelter world of TikTok, the attention economy, and what it’s like to live your life online chasing followers. Fusing dance, performance art, and real TikTok experiences, this show looks at fame and whether social media is distracting us from the apocalypse.

Collaborating with TikTok star Jaxon Valentine, a Cambridge researcher, and the almighty Algorithm, award-winning performance artist Louise Orwin asks what the future might look like if all roads lead to TikTok.

For a full immersive experience, the performance takes place both live in person and makes use of TikTok live.

Artist Bio:

Awarding winning and ‘brave, taboo-breaking work’, Louise Orwin makes provocative and political research-based performance and video projects guaranteed to get under your skin, about what it means to identify as a queer femme in a world that prizes masculinity, straightness, and whiteness. Focusing on the kind of stories that are often overlooked and under-represented, Louise is mostly inspired by cinema, and indulgently and gloriously borrows from pop culture tropes.

Working across text, performance and video, Louise has a substantial body of work that has toured internationally grappling with a range of themes exploring femininity and violence, and often having a participation and research focus. Recently her work has taken a turn towards looking at climate crisis, social media and young people. Alongside her own projects, Louise also works as a director and dramaturg, and has worked with a wide variety of different artists over the years, and has been featured in the Metro, Huffington Post and Independent. For more follow Louise or visit her website.

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