Are you young (16-25), identify as male and live in Finland?

Do you enjoy playing video games and have an interest in game design?

Have you struggled with your mental health or supported someone else who has struggled with theirs?

Are you looking for a new challenge?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, we want to hear from you!


MINDGAMES is a new project that explores mental health through game design. How does gaming make you feel? Is it possible to make games that express what it’s like to struggle with mental health? Can you create new games that actually help people to feel better? Could you design a game that people around the world would want to play?

Working together with professional game designers, a group of five young men from North Manchester and five young men from Finland will learn new skills and create a prototype game that reflects the Mental Health experiences of the group. Through a series of online workshops, participants will learn about visual design, creating stories, music and sound design, coding and all the other skills required to make a game from scratch.

The project will last from August 2021 through to April 2022, requiring an initial commitment of 2 hours a week. You don’t need any experience of game development, coding, visual or sound design but you must be up for a challenge…

You will receive a contribution of €500  for your participation in the project



If you are interested, we need to know a little about you:

  • Who you are, your interests and how you spend your time?
  • What interests you about this project?
  • What aspects of gaming would you most like to learn? (Visual design, coding, creating stories, sound design, project management…)

You can tell us this in writing (Max 1 side of A4) or in a 2-3 minute audio or video recording.

We will arrange to have an informal chat with shortlisted applicants.

Send your applications to Steve Vickers: steve@sickfestival.com 


The Finnish Institute in London

Oglesby Charitable Trust

Arts Council England